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Civil War Historian Chris Edwards


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James Christopher 'Chris' Edwards was born in Kansas and grew up in Missouri. His ancestors fought in both the Union and

Confederate Armies.

Years ago, Chris developed an interest in the Missouri, Kansas Border War that led to the outbreak of the War Between the States. He became fascinated in the life of Colonel William Clark Quantrill, a Missouri Confederate who commanded a large band

of partisan rangers. During his research Chris discovered numerous distortions and falsehoods written about Quantrill's life.

His goal is to highlight these inaccuracies.

Chris earned his MA in history from the University of Missouri-Columbia. He lives in Kansas City, Missouri

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 This tour guide takes you back to August 1863, following the route taken by Quantrill's guerrillas during their 1863 raid on Lawrence, Kansas. 

     "Like all good tour books or staff ride guides, Chris Edwards and Dick Titterington have organized         the book to enhance the individual's or group's experience in understanding the scope and details

       of the raid...For those that buy this self-guided tour, please take advantage of the hard work and           research Chris Edwards and Dick Titterington have done to enhance your understanding of            

       Quantrill's raid..."  Dr. Tony R. Mullis (Lt. Col., USAF, Ret.)

      "I received my copy of the book yesterday in the mail. I have not been able to set the book down. 

       This is an excellent read."  Vincent P. Crow

"Suppressed Evidence" contains the letters of W. L. Potter and Abraham Ellis to W. W. Scott. After the Civil War, Scott began to write a biography about the Missouri confederate guerrilla, Colonel William Clarke Quantrill. Scott died before he could complete the book and his letters ended up in the hands of William E. Connelley, president of the Kansas State Historical Society. Connelley "cherry picked" information that agreed with his version of Quantrill's life and ignored other testimony that conflicted with his views. Connelley published "Quantrill and the Border Wars". Potter and Ellis's letters are interesting as they either conflict with, or provide different explanations about the events in the life of the guerrilla chieftain.

New from Chris Edwards!

Now available from Amazon!  Civil War Historian, Chris Edwards, re-examines the

evidence on Quantrill's Raid of Lawrence, Kansas. 

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What really happened? Quantrill's Raid on Lawrence

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Four original rock/country/rock music written for those who still love the South and Dixie!

       "Here's something to swell the southern heart and make your senses tingle. I've known               talented musician and historian Chris Edwards for many years, but he has never sounded

         better. In these troubled times, try this for a bit of salve for what ails you!"

            Robert L. Hawkins, III, Past Commander-in-Chief, Sons of Confederate Veterans, former

            Executive Director, Beauvoir - the Jefferson Davis Home and Presidential Library

      "I loved the CD! The song "Stand Up and Fight" is a Confederate anthem and modern day

       battle cry..."  Hether Bulusky , United Daughters of the Confederacy

      "I had a good time with your CD. I've listened to it several times. From a purely technical

       standpoint, I enjoyed the instrumentation, the solo and ensemble performances, the     

       arrangement, the was simply well put together."  Chip Buckner


      "A refreshing break from the anti-Southern, politically correct message emanating from

       the mainstream, corporate music industry. Combining culture and history, it gives a voice

       if not a rousing "Rebel Yell" to the 21st Century adherents of the South and her traditions.

       Be sure to give "Down in Dixie" a good listen!"

           Travis Archie, Major Thomas R. Livingston Camp #2327 - Sons of Confederate Veterans



Blood On The Border" The War Between Missouri and Kansas. A True Musical Story of 
Confederate Colonel William C. Quantrill's Civil War Missouri Partisan Rangers/CD
This recording with it's eight songs linked by eight narrative segments all composed by 
Chris Edwards, views the situation leading up to the War along the Missouri/Kansas          border and the subsequent guerrilla war that followed. By using this point of view  through
the eyes of Bud Pence, one of the guerrillas who rode with Quantrill and Anderson from 1861 to 1865, Edwards is able to give a much different slant to what took place during these dark and dangerous times.


If you have questions or interesting

information about the Civil War, fill out the contact box and Chris will be in touch.

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